Literacy and College Prep

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EACH One / TEACH One: ADULT LITERACY PROGRAM:  We started a free adult literacy program in 2015. Our first partnership was with the Victorville City Library in the Mojave High Desert, where we conducted our program assessing adult learners and tutoring them. We then moved to a low-income housing complex in a space provided to us by one of our board members. We use the same materials as the major nationwide library literacy programs, purchased with the help of donors: Laubach Way to Reading, Endeavor and Challenger student and teacher books.

We also have our volunteers supplement their curriculum with other literacy materials available online and in public use (like newspapers and magazines).




OUR NEW INITIATIVE: Tutoring / College Prep Counseling for Foster Children: 

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Our nonprofit is developing a pilot program as part of our free adult literacy program that will branch out to support high school kids in foster care by coaching them in English, reading comprehension, writing and providing college prep counseling. We are in the process of formalizing our first collaboration with a foster family agency in Los Angeles to begin the pilot program tutoring girls in their group homes.

We will first tutor the students and provide extra guidance with their existing school assignments, while providing supplemental literacy materials to help the students advance in the areas in which we will focus. Our objective is to design targeted college prep/career guidance plans based on each student’s specific career and college goals.

We welcome donations and funding to help us establish the program and buy much needed ACT and SAT study guides.